Tammy Dixon

        Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy in Santa Monica
        Aveda Advanced Academy in Soho
        Aveda Advanced Academy in London
        Balayage Classes with Jamie Sea:
        Hair Painting at Whittemore House  in New York City 


Previous Salons:

        Edward Amato Salon


Hini To’alepai

        Undergraduate Degree from Graham Webb
        Aveda Advanced Academy in Soho
        Jacques Dessange in Paris

Previous Salons:

        Edward Amato Salon
        Therry Mas in South Beach, Miami


A hair stylist since 2007, Holly Wiitala has been working with organic hair color throughout her career. Holly began her stylist journey at Paul Mitchell Cao institute in Los Angeles, CA. in 2006. Holly’s first exposure to organic hair care was Organic Color System which she worked with during her time at Sprout Salon from 2007-2015. Next, Holly continued to Smoke and Mirrors where she spent the following three years expanding her knowledge of organic products. It was here that she familiarized herself with O&M and Oway products, which she still uses today. Rooted Salon has been the perfect transition for Holly as they offer OCS, Oway and O&M products, all of which she has been extensively trained and certified in. Due to the rising popularity in the balayage technique in recent years, Holly has continued her education at The Paint Box and The Whittmore House salons in New York to master hair painting and balayage. In order to ensure client satisfaction, Holly believes consultations are integral for customization and collaboration with her clients. She is comfortable with all hair types, and has a strong focus on dry cutting and refinement to make sure each style has a successful grow out and elongated staying power.

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